The Austin - Micro Wedding Venue

Simple Life Celebrations

Simple life celebration events are baby or bridal showers, children and or adults birthday parties, holiday events,  rehearsal dinners, reunions, engagement parties, memorials, seminars or church meetings. Weddings are a different usage and you will find that pricing un the rentals tab.

Our Pricing Structure

We offer block pricing in 4 or 6 hour blocks and  based on 3 variables. Usage of Space, Weekday vs Weekend, and Day vs Evening.

Why do we do this? Well think about it. Some events require less set up and tear down, cleaning, liability and monitoring so you save if your event falls into one of the smaller categories.

Usage of the space: Events that just use the indoor space and offer lite refreshments and maybe finger foods. No bar or catering, just a simple event or meeting.

Weekday vs Weekends: You save money if you plan your event on a weekday over a weekend. This is defined as Weekdays – Monday thru Thursday and Weekends – Friday through Sunday.

Day time vs Evening: Day time events save you money over evening affairs. Times are defined as daytime 10:00 am thru 4:00 pm


Our basic rate per hour is $450.

You can rent the facility on an hourly rate with a 2 hour minimum or take advantage of our block pricing. Adding services like, catering, bar, pool, bouncy houses, elaborate set ups with floral or décor will require extra venue time for set up and strike. Most simple events can be held in 4 or 6 hour block. 

Important to remember when planning what to choose. Your total time at the venue includes arrival, set up of your event, the event it self, then striking the event, meaning tear down, clean up and departure.  If you need extra time to do any of these activities we charge you the going rate of $300 per hour.

Special Block:  By planning your event carefully you can use these blocks save you money!

4 hour blocks – Weekdays – Weekends add $100
11:00 am thru 4:00 pm – $475
5:00 pm thru 9:00 pm – $675

6 hour blocks – Weekdays – Weekends add $100 
11:00 am thru 4:00 pm – $775
5:00 pm thru 9:00 pm – $875

**Management fee and taxes are extra

We do offer discounts when we are slowest like those hot summer months and for non profit use. Some times of the year are more in demand than others so we do add a special use charge to some dates. Just ask! 

Included in Rental Fee

Additional Services

On Site Catering – Bakery –  Set Up & Strike – Event Planning – Day of Coordination –  Photography – Videography – Bouncy House – Balloon Arches –  Life Guards – Decoration – Parking Guide – Security – Yard Games – Photo Booths 

There is so much more we offer so let’s chat!

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