General Information


The Austin Venue is a sacred space. We are excited to have you enjoy it as much as we do, but please respect the grounds and remember that you are a guest here.

Smoking in designated areas only. NO smoking or vaping inside the venue.

Catering, Cake and/or Beverages may be served in a light apps/small bites, small celebratory cake, toasting context. NONE MAY BE SERVED PERSONALL. A TABC SERVER IS REQUIRED.

Decorations are allowed but ALL décor needs to be freestanding and not adhered to the walls/doors/windows in any fashion. ALL clean up is the sole responsibility of the client.

Capacity: The Austin Venue can accommodate up to 60 guests inside or up to 1oo guests outside. No more than 60 can be seated inside and the patio reception space is available and there is a maximum of 75 guests,

Client needs to recognize that weather can be a factor for outside events and the  plan B outside,  guests bringing their own umbrellas. No tenting is available. The Venue is not responsible for keeping guests dry or comfortable.


No pets are allowed.


Yes it is welcomed. Portable music and acoustic live music is allowed.   There is ample electricity inside and out. No loud bands or amplified music is allowed. There is no wired sound system.


Any and all alcohol must be served by a licensed TABC server. Additionally, only those booking 2 hours may have alcohol served, to allow enough time.

Inclement weather policy:

There are no refunds for outdoor events.  Our indoor facility can only handle up to 60 guests. If you are worried about on  rain and you have more than 60 guests, you might consider revising your guests list.  

Cancellation Policy: 

Because the venue is booked based on supply and demand, any given date is sold and held for you alone, which means that someone else who might have wanted that date, is unable to secure that date. For that reason, refunds are not possible.


There is plenty of free parking for up to 50  cars. There are 10 /handicapped/vendor spaces available in a separate space closer to venue. 

Professional Styled Photo Shoots will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Fireworks, sparklers & fire lanterns are expressly prohibited.

Because we are in a draught there is usually a burn ban and the fire danger is real. Candles are allowed if in containers that meet the top of the wick or higher and must be properly disposed of before leaving the property.

If you wish to do a send-off: 

Bubbles are highly recommended. Due to nature, no rose petals or bird seed is allowed. ALL must cleaned up before you leave; or you risk forfeiting your deposit. Rice, confetti of any type, poppers, artificial rose petals, or any other send-off item that would require clean-up, is expressly prohibited and cause for forfeiture of your deposit.


When renting the venue you have access to the entire venue for your contracted  time. That includes 5 acres of old oak trees, Multiple self photo locations, use of the 1974 Airstream Photo Lounge, main gallery, patio area and kitchen and VIP rooms

Dressing/VIP rooms and bathroom  facilities are handicapped accessible. 

There are 3 VIP rooms each with a full bathroom. 

There are two bathrooms in the main gallery and two in the casita and are air-conditioned and handicapped accessible. 

Helpful hints: 

There is no staff available to help you set up or clean up your event however we do offer that service for an additional charge. 

Clean Up:

It is your sole responsibility to set up and CLEAN up after your event. You will forfeit your deposit if we have to do this for you!

Keep the traffic in and out of the venue to a minimum. The opening and closing of the doors will  expose you and your guests to the weather outside. 


Make sure that you have given your guests  good directions. Feel free to forward them the directions page of the website.

Set up:

We provide set up for  up  50 guests = 8 tables and 50 chairs. Extra chairs are $5.00 per chair extra tables are $10.00 to include set up and clean up.


We do not provide table linens. You can rent them from WHIM or Premier Events.


$400.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

We sell blocks of time in 4 and 6 hour blocks and will give you a discount if you choose this option. It must be booked in advance. We will not add it later. 

Your contracted time includes set up and clean up. If you need extra time it is available in most cases but it is good to book the time you need upfront. We often have more than one event per day and wont allow them to cross over. 

Sorry we do not give away an hour here or there. This is what we do for a living so please don’t ask!


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